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SolarSafe™ Cable Ties

SolarSafe™ cable ties are made in USA by Nile Polymers using PVDF (Polyvinylidene Flouride). They are ideal for severe environments where combinations of high temperature, corrosion, UV radiation, moisture and mechanical stresses lead to rapid failure of commodity plastics such as polyamide (nylon), polyethylene or polypropylene. Unlike these common plastics, PVDF will not ignite and burn in normal atmospheric conditions and does not generate smoke. These properties allow SolarSafe™ cable ties to meet the National Electrical Code (NFPA-70A) and UL94V-0 requirements for installation in building plenums.

Unparalleled UV Resistance 

SolarSafe™ PVDF cable ties are made from Kynar® and represent a better choice for PV wire and cable management. Accelerated UV exposure under a Xenon arc for 5000 hours in addition to sunlight exposure testing in Florida show no change in mechanical or chemical properties in several varieties of the Kynar® copolymers. 

Based on simple calculations, UV radiation should not provide sufficient energy to break the chemical bonds found in most commodity plastics such as polyethylene and nylon. However, embrittlement and loss of tensile strength occur in these materials after UV exposure and are the result of chemical impurities or structural defects along the polymer backbone. These molecular irregularities absorb energy and initiate polymer degradation. Kynar® PVDF shows no effect or change after long-term UV exposure.

Strong-Ty™ PVDF cable ties are made from 100% Kynar® and provide the maximum UV resistant service life for outdoor wire and cable management in PV applications. Available in a natural color, Strong-Ty™ cable ties do not require the addition of carbon black or UV inhibitors to provide long-term dependable outdoor performance.

Non Flammable

SolarSafe™ cable ties are made from PVDF any flame in atmospheric conditions is self-extinguishing and will not result in fire propagation.

No UV Degredation

Cable ties made from polyethylene, polypropylene or nylon cannot be used in outdoor applications without the addition of UV stabilizers. SolarSafe™ cable ties require no additional UV stabilization.

No Moisture Absorption

Nylon 6.6 can have a loss of tensile strength up to 40% in humid environments at ambient temperature. SolarSafe™ cable ties have zero moisture absorption even at elevated temperatures.

Excellent Chemical Resistance

SolarSafe™ cable ties provide resistance to all cleaning chemicals in aggressive environments.

I have a custom cable tie requirement, is this something that Compound Polymers can provide?

Yes! We are very interested in reviewing your design. Please contact us and we will respond in 24 hours.

How soon will my order ship?

Off-the-shelf items will ship within 24 hours of order placement. If we can’t meet this deadline we will contact you with a revised shipment date.

Can I get a copy of your ISO 13485 certification?

Yes. Our SolarSafe™ Kynar® cable ties are manufactured at a facility that follows ISO 13495 manufacturing procedures. Please contact us and we will get this sent out.

Can I get a copy of your Kynar® USP class VI test report?

Yes. Please contact us and we will get this sent out. Kynar® is a registered trademark of Arkema, Inc.

I need to irradiate these cable ties for sterilization, how will this affect the cable tie performance?

Great question! Of all the fluoropolymers available PVDF performs the best in conditions of ionizing radiation and typically shows an increase in tensile strength and toughness without sacrificing elongation. Kynar® PVDF is frequently used to protect the interior surfaces of gloveboxes. These isolated enclosures are used by the US Government for the handling and processing of fissile materials. Some of this work also involves aggressive mineral acids. Many of these containment environments are more than 30 years old and continue to be used every day without incident. This amazing service life is a great endorsement of Kynar® PVDF. SolarSafe™ Kynar® cable ties are going to perform just fine after sterilization. 

Our PVDF cable ties can be sterilized by gamma radiation without any negative effects to material properties. The result is a cable tie ready for high purity applications in single-use pharmaceutical manufacturing or medical device equipment.

To determine the effects of gamma radiation, a series of cable ties were exposed to gamma radiation at a dosage range of 32.3 – 40.8 kGy. Testing was conducted by Sani-Tech West in conjunction with STERIS Isomedix Services. The cable ties were manufactured from polyethylene, nylon 6,6 and Kynar® PVDF. The effects of radiation exposure were compared by tensile elongation to unexposed cable ties. Mechanical testing was completed at the University of Utah Materials Characterization Lab. After exposure to sterilizing gamma radiation, Strong-Ty™ Kynar® PVDF cable ties performed as expected with no loss in strength or elongation. A copy of the test report is available here.

Strong-Ty™ cable ties are made in the USA by Nile Polymers using Kynar® PVDF. These cable ties are manufactured and packaged in a clean-room environment following an ISO 13485 procedure. In addition to their excellent chemical resistance, these cable ties exhibit minimal flame spread and smoke generation and meet the National Electrical Code NFPA-70A and UL94V-0 requirements for installation in building plenum. This material has also passed USP Class VI testing. Excellent material properties and attention to manufacturing and packaging details elevate Strong-Ty™ PVDF cable ties into a class by themselves.




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